5 Reasons To Stock MREs

Meal Kit Supply 12 Pack

Food is essential for life and overall health. People need to eat in order to survive. An active young person needs enough calories to develop a good foundation for the rest of their lives. Older people need to make sure they are getting sustenance to help avoid medical issues like broken bones and cognitive decline. 

People cannot go without food for more than a short time without risking major side effects. At the same time, everyone may encounter serious problems when it comes to making sure they get enough to eat. Workers can face reduced work hours in the face of a sudden economic downturn. In many parts of the world, weather conditions can disrupt food supplies on a temporary basis. A single blizzard, prolonged period of rain or ongoing outbreak of contagious diseases can leave people scrambling to get to the supermarket to feed their families.

Disaster preparedness is a must for all people. Everyone needs a supply of emergency food in the modern world. Having MREs on hand is a necessary part of any preparation plan. An emergency food supply may be imperative in the event someone is stuck at home without power for a prolonged period. It's possible to feed everyone in the family with an MRE. These prepared meals are easy to eat, delicious and have what all people need should a major disaster strike. 



Many areas of the country are prone to earthquakes. One of the scariest aspects of these disasters is they can't be predicted in advance. It's obvious certain places are more likely to get struck by an earthquake. What is not clear is when an earthquake might strike. The same is true of the intensity of the strike. Earthquakes are measured on a scale known as the Richter Scale. This scale is designed to measure the overall force of the problem. 

All those who live in such an area should keep in mind that even a relatively minor earthquake can lead to serious problems. Such forces of nature can push down roofs, cut off bridges and upturn roads. A moderate earthquake can make it hard for people to get to work or use any form of transit to purchase food. A severe earthquake can entirely reshape the local landscape. Inhabitants may be left unable to move from their homes for days or even weeks. Having a supply of ready to eat meals can help mitigate this issue and make sure those in the affected area can be fed. 



Hurricanes are large water systems that form offshore. Over the course of hurricane season, a season that typically runs from June to October, several storms may form in the ocean. Many such storms remain offshore. However, a small minority can slam into areas nowhere near the shore. When these storms hit land, they can lead to a period of intense and very heavy rain. They can also bring in high winds. A system may sit over land for hours, leading to sheets of rain that can fill all surfaces. 

Anyone who lives anywhere near a known hurricane zone should be fully prepared for the possibility of a hurricane strike before the season starts. All those who live in this area should also pay close attention to the news. A hurricane can be tracked for days before it meets land. However, the hurricane's path may shift suddenly. Weather forecasters can often predict where the hurricane is likely to strike when it hits land. This science is not exact. If the path veers even by ten miles, this can leave people vulnerable. Proper preparation is vitally important. Residents who live with the threat of hurricanes in their area should have a ready food food on hand just in case. 



Floods are a common problem in many areas. Some people live near bodies of water such as lakes and streams. These bodies of water can rise past the shoreline and enter a person's land after a long period of intense rain. Certain places are known as flood zones. These are areas where flooding is more likely to occur. A flood zone means an increased possibility of water where it is not wanted. Other areas, even if not in a flood zone, may have issues with flooding. Part of a person's property can have excessive water. 

Flooding can interfere with the function of any home. Water may rise several feet in the kitchen, rendering appliance inoperable. A flooding kitchen is not a safe space to prepare food. Diseases can be carried by the flood waters that make entering the room dangerous. All surfaces there may be contaminated while the floor has hazards such as rotted floorboards and potentially dangerous countertops. Having MREs on hand means that the person can eat even if their food supplies are compromised as a result of a long storm. MREs are easy to eat anywhere in the home. 

severe weather

Severe Weather 

One of the scariest things about weather is that it is entirely unpredictable. Weather forecasters can generally give a good look at what is likely to happen in a given time frame. However, this is not an exact indication. Lighting can strike unexpectedly. A swift storm may roll into an area with startling quickness. It's possible for forecasters to show that snow is probable in an area for the next few days. It's also possible for the forecasters to miss spots that may get ten inches or a strong coating of ice that downs trees and power lines. 

Every single person needs to keep this in mind as they go about their daily lives. Proper preparation for the weather is essential. The last thing anyone should worry about is being caught in a storm or a period of intense heat that makes it hard to leave the hour or melts foodstuffs that had been kept in a protected area. Lighting can strike a home's roof and lead to fires. A tornado or other storm may destroy a few homes and leave the others unscathed. Having food on hand makes it much easier for all homeowners to cope with anything nature throws at them. 



Humans are fallible creatures. Something we can't even see with the naked eye can get inside and cause grave illness. Pandemics are diseases that travel with incredible speed. In practically the blink of an eye, a disease may leave entire communities in danger. It's common during pandemics to require people to stay home as much as possible. Children may be home schooled. Adults may be told to avoid going out unless they have no other choice. If such measures continue, the occupant may find themselves short of cash from lack of work and running low on food. 

Having a supply of food in the form of ready-made meals around makes it possible for people to stay safer during a pandemic. They don't have to head out worried they might bring home the latest germ in that bag of groceries. Ready-made meals help solve such problems in other ways. For a small investment, the person can be assured of having food on hand even when certain supplies may be hard to get. They can relax knowing they are covered. The-ready made meals are there for as long as they need them. MREs are a great option for a reliable food source that also offers exceptional nutrition and variety.