MRE Shipping

Meal Kit Supply takes a simple, three-point path

If you buy from a secure MRE source like Meal Kit Supply you can be certain about the condition and freshness of the MREs you are purchasing.


As a military contractor, we receive factory fresh product directly from the manufacturer to our warehouse. Once we receive your order, the product ships directly from our warehouse to you-a three point path. Quick, easy, and direct. That’s how we ensure you get the freshest product possible.

Even better? Meal Kit Supply offers free shipping* on all our standard orders! (Excludes HI, AK, and Puerto Rico)

Meal Kit Supply's quick, easy and direct path to your door. Best of all: MRE free shipping!

Other MREs follow a tangled, lengthy path

Secondhand MREs cannot guarantee freshness. MRE free shipping with Meal Kit Supply!


In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs investigated eight MRE sellers on eBay. Six out of eight sellers offering at least four cases of military MREs were suspected to have illegally acquired said MREs. One seller admitted to taking over 60 MREs from a base dumpster, where expired and damaged cases were disposed of.

Cases like these are why you need to question where your “genuine U.S. Military” MREs came from.

“Genuine U.S. Military” MREs typically endure a much longer and more tangled path to your door. There is no guarantee on their freshness, especially since they are usually acquired after being discarded by the military. Just think about the end of that sentence: “discarded by the military.” The military would only discard MREs if they were expired or compromised (otherwise, the MREs were illegally acquired). Are those the MREs you want your family relying on in an emergency? We didn’t think so.

How can you avoid getting expired or compromised MREs? Secondhand MREs are usually found for sale on Amazon or eBay, and will often look like the image to the left. Huge discounts are the biggest red flag-sellers are trying to get rid of the MREs fast.

Another indicator of questionable MREs is no mention of the date of production or expiry. A legitimate MRE retailer emphasizes the date of production because it’s a clear indicator of expected shelf life. Meal Kit Supply puts MRE freshness first and is always upfront with shelf life expectations-don’t expect us to hide the production date.

'Genuine US Military MREs' do not have guaranteed freshness and often take a complicated route to you.