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This is the complete offering of product currently available for sale by Meal Kit Supply - USA (MKS). On top of offering ready to ship, top of the line civilian MREs, we now offer consumers the ability to maximize their product shelf-life by taking part in pre-orders for the next production run.

MKS strives to deliver the highest quality product on the market with the longest possible shelf-life. In order to do this, we've decided to produce MREs in the smallest possible batch size with regular production cycles. Although this at leave us with brief inventory shortages at times, it allows us to deliver MREs to consumers within 6 months of the production date.

This production schedule helps maximize shelf-life for all ready-to-ship orders but for those who want to guarantee their full 5-year shelf-life, pre-orders offer the perfect solution. Place a pre-order for our next production run and get priority fulfillment as soon as the next MRE batch is ready to go. All pre-orders are shipped within 5 business days of the batch's production date.