About Us


Meal Kit Supply LLC was founded in 2005 by Blair Calder. After enduring five days of the Northeast blackout in 2003, he decided to assemble an emergency food supply for his family. Unsatisfied with freeze-dried and canned meals, he turned to MREs. While the perfect solution, there was a lack of fresh, high-quality MREs on the market. That’s why he created premium MREs with the widest variety of food items out there: because even in emergencies you’ve got standards. These are the same standards that drive us to continuously improve our product. 

blair calderBlair Calder pictured on the left.


Meal Kit Supply offers premium Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). Our MREs contain 100% military components, have a 5-year shelf life, are impact and water resistant, hermetically sealed, and taste great! We currently offer a 12 case of 3-course MREs. Our MREs are the freshest commercially available and have one of the highest average calorie counts (~1,200 calories). We offer free shipping in the contiguous US. 


We don’t like disasters. We don’t want to get cut off from local services. We know, however, that these events happen -- more and more frequently, with greater duration. Our goal is to equip families with an emergency food supply so that they can rest easy knowing our durable MREs will see them through it all. We also supply disaster relief workers, and first responders..