About MREs

MREs Explained

What is an MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat)?

Meal Kit Supply’s MREs are prepared and packaged by U.S. Military contractors, so they contain the same menu items that are found in genuine U.S. Military MREs. Each three-course, 1,100 calorie MRE contains an entrée, a side dish, a bread or cracker with spread (peanut butter or jelly), a dessert, and several beverage mixes (including an electrolyte drink). Additionally, each MRE includes condiments, a napkin, a spoon, and a flameless ration heater.

What is a flameless ration heater?

What else makes MREs so unique? They’re shelf-stable, meaning they’ll last up to five years if stored correctly, and they’re ready-to-eat. That’s right. MREs contain real, pre-cooked food you can eat at any time (even though the included flameless ration heater let’s you have a hot meal whenever you want).

Why do MREs last so long?

The rugged retort packaging also makes MREs highly durable. They’re water-proof, impact-resistant, air-droppable up to 100 feet, and hermetically sealed against pests and contaminants. In other words, MREs can take a beating. It’s like having a ruggedized restaurant in your backpack.

For all of these reasons, MREs are the preferred field ration for first responders, disaster relief workers, and backwoods adventurers. Find out how old your MREs are with our date code converter.