“We were looking for a full meal that had everything, are always Meal Kit Supply MREsconscious of cost and needed an extended shelf life. These meals have everything, they are a full meal, with an extended expiry at a great price! The responsibility for feeding is a difficult piece of “preparedness’ and these complete meal kits from Meal Kit Supply meet our needs.”
Deborah Kinsman, Emergency Measures Coordinator, Social Services Department


My wife and I shared one [Chicken Fajita], and then my son and I shared the other the following day. We were very impressed! The rice was substantial and not mushy. The fajita mix itself was tasty, and the chicken was really good. The tortillas appeared fresh, held up well, nice consistency, and were tasty (we’d like to see them in more MREs!). Mixed all together, with the hot sauce, it made a nice hearty, filling meal. The pound cake was a nice desert. Great addition to your menu. On our 1 – 5 scale we all three gave it a 5, and felt like it was the best meal you guys offer. We’d be more than happy to eat it for several days in a row.
Trace Adams, Tracemypreps.com


“Setting up an acct and online ordering was really easy. The website gives all the product info I needed, and the follow-up emails about delivery schedule were very helpful. Overall, your online ordering system couldn’t be better.”
James Lutz


“These are exactly what I have been looking for the back-country. Thanks again! Great product.”
Graham Sheppard


“Please be advised that I just received my order. Thank you again and please keep the shipping you’re dealing with. I am very impressed to receive my order this early.”
Ronald Poirier


“I placed an order on a Monday, received notification that the item was shipped on Thursday and received the parcel on Friday. This is excellent service and I found the ordering system very user friendly. I will have no hesitation in recommending the service to friends, family and business associates.”
John Hardie


“Purchased 10 cases of these in store just the other week. Wow! great packaging and great value for the money! The variety included is great, and the caloric content is more than enough to last on for one pouch a day. The food quality isn’t resturant quality, but for what it is, one can’t exactly complain. Defintely a must for campers or those preppers out there! While others are running from the zombie manifestation, You will be safe and sound in your hide out enjoying a bowl of chili and some crackers!”


“Excellent meals and it has plenty of food. Took them back country camping for the convenience of storing and heating as a trial. I was really impressed that I will be taking them on my next trip. All the meals were really good and it provides you with everything that you need. I found that one package was plenty of food for two meals.”

Just got my shipment, 2 cases of 3 entree meals, this is my second time buying from them and if anything is gotten better (it was pretty good to begin with) came quickly and the way it was packed for shipping was bullet proof, you could drop it out of a plane and not hurt it. that should make it more resistant to handling and storage on this end. Well done meal kit.

Thank you! You guys are great.