Here's What to Pack in An Emergency Car Kit



Creating a Roadside Emergency Car Kit

We should always begin preparing for emergencies by recognizing how fundamentally unpredictable they are. In the beginning of 2019 nobody had any idea of what they'd need to prepare for in 2020 and the oncoming pandemic. While no one can predict events such as this, being prepared for the worst is always a prudent strategy.

Depending on where you live or are traveling, problems can arise quickly. Bad weather such as flash floods or snow storms can occur. There are times when it is not safe to continue driving and you may need to pull over and wait it out. It is always a good idea to have a well-stocked emergency roadside kit in your vehicle that can act as a safety blanket while traveling through bad weather, breakdowns, or other emergencies.

Preparing an emergency car kit is also a great idea because it can help you move quickly in disaster situations without having to gather items in a panic. 


Food & Water

In the case of stopping for severe weather, you may need to be off the road for a while. Keeping a small supply of bottled water and packaged food with a long shelf life is good to have on hand. MREs are great to keep in the car due to their long shelf life and ease of preparation. MREs are full of calories and nutrients to sustain you if you are unable to leave the car for an extended period of time. They also take up little space and offer a variety of menu choices.

Comfort & First Aid

Blankets and gloves are crucial items to keep in your emergency car kit. They can protect you from the cold and are vital especially if you are stranded in your car overnight.

Any emergency kit should also contain a first aid kit. First aid kits can help you treat immediate injuries when EMTs and paramedics can't be there. Of course this is no alternative to a hospital, but can help with treatment before the professionals arrive.

Electronics, Jumper Cables & Chargers

Batteries and phone chargers can mean the difference in an emergency. Keeping your devices powered to call for help or keep you occupied while you wait can help.

In the event your car breaks down, a set of jumper cables and emergency triangles/pylons and even flares are very useful.  



Moving Quickly & Being Prepared For Anything

In the event of an emergency where evacuation may be necessary — such as an earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster. A well stocked emergency kit will give you the ability to rapidly relocate to a new area without much advance notice. With the proper auto emergency kit, one can see a single vehicle as a safe house of sorts in even the worst possible situations. 

There isn't a strict definition of an emergency kit due to the fact that everyone has their own unique needs. However, in general we can think of it as a portable collection of items which will allow someone to survive for at least three days. The more space we devote to supplies the longer we'll be able to last without making a supply run. 

Be Prepared For Anything

An emergency car kit should also be able to last long-term inside a car. You should be able to let it sit in a vehicle's trunk long term and if an emergency happens on the road you will have the kit on hand. If you need to quickly get away from an approaching natural disaster, then there won't be any need to pack as everything will already be set and waiting within the vehicle. 

A properly stocked emergency car kit is ideal for any emergency situation or the potential of an emergency situation. Remember, at the bare minimum shelf stable food, water, shelter, first aid, power and a method of communication are an important part of any plan. Follow these steps to create an emergency car kit that will have you prepared for anything.