Timeline of Pandemics Throughout History

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The Way That Pandemics Have Been Intricately Linked to Human History 

The annals of recorded human history are filled with many different accounts of pandemics that brought death and destabilization along with them. The unfortunate reality has often been that the more urbanized and developed that humanity becomes, the possibility of pandemic disease has often been an accompanying factor. Given the history of pandemics in the human story and the current crisis that the world is undergoing with COVID-19, it is the perfect time to reflect on some of the instances of disaster that have lined the pages of history and to think about the options that are out there regarding preparedness.


Some of History's Most Notable Pandemics 

When most people think about the course of history, their thoughts tend to focus on great discoveries, political movements, and wars as being driving factors. The reality is that major pandemics have been one of the greatest influencers in the course of history as well. Many instances have been recorded by humanity across the historical record. These are a few of the most notable ones.

Catastrophic Plague Lands in the City of Ancient Athens

The rise of pandemics was a common force for destabilization in the ancient world. This was certainly the case for ancient Athens in the year 430 B.C. Though the famed city was only shortly removed from its golden age, the city's citizens found themselves facing multiple crises in that year. The city was locked into the long struggle that was the Peloponnesian War which had caused its citizens to crowd in behind its walls. This turned out to be the perfect breeding ground for the disease that ended up wiping out perhaps as much as two-thirds of the inhabitants in the city. 

Plagues of the Roman Imperial Period

Though the Roman Empire experienced many high points in its civilization, it was also frequently weakened by pandemics that were able to thrive it its cosmopolitan population centers. The Antonine Plague was one of these notable events and one of the destabilizing forces that eventually contributed to the collapse of the Pax Romana. The Eastern Roman Empire suffered a major health crisis during the reign of Emperor Justinian that killed off a large percentage of the empire's population and put a major damper on what had been a period of resurgence for Roman power. 

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The Most Infamous Outbreak of the Middle Ages

It was around the mid-point of the 14th Century that the infamous Black Death spread from Asia and across the lands of medieval Europe. This is perhaps the most famous of all the pandemics that have been recorded during the course of history. It also marked another case of societal destabilization as the society that emerged from the disease was changed from the one that had existed beforehand. 

More Recent Cases of Pandemic

Historical times closer to our own have continued to see cases of epidemic illness. These outbreaks range from various outbreaks of the flu during the Twentieth Century to the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With these points in mind, it is clear that the recent COVID-19 situation is nothing new to humanity, though it might be the first time that many in the current population can remember a situation so serious.


What the History of Pandemics Tells Us About the Need to Be Prepared 

One of the things that the history of pandemic disease tells us as a history lesson is that being prepared for a disaster is the best defense against its effects. When society starts to see a breakdown in its cohesion resulting from an outbreak of disease, survival, and preparedness end up going hand in hand. This is a fact that we understand well here at Meal Kit Supply. Our business model is based on helping people to prepare for survival by providing high-quality MREs. The MREs that we offer here at Meal Kit Supply provide a three-course serving of 1,100-1,200 calories. They are one of the most effective and efficient ways to ensure a vital supply of emergency rations are in place.

Our MREs Check One of the Most Important Preparedness Boxes 

The history of MREs is a fascinating one all by itself and it is a history that extends back to the world of military rations. 1983 marks the advent of the MRE is the modern sense and the medium has improved dramatically since that time. At Meal Supply Kit, we provide high-quality MREs across the United States and the Canadian market and we have gone to great lengths to take the medium to a new level. Our MREs are of the same quality as those provided to U.S. Military personnel. This is because they are produced and packaged by the contractors that supply the military. Our three-course MRE options are great for those individuals that are serious about being prepared in any situation. Recent events have only served to underscore the importance that preparedness can play. The MREs that we provide can last up to five years when they are stored the right way and they are ready to eat. The flameless ration heater that comes with each meal makes it possible to enjoy a hot meal regardless of what disaster might come.

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These Foods Have Excellent Shelf Lives for Those Looking to Be Prepared 

Utilizing foods that can last over an extended period is essential when creating MREs that can help individuals to ensure that they will be prepared. Our MREs include long-lasting ingredients such as pasta and oats and they are packaged using a system that is tried and tested for maintaining long-term shelf life. At Meal Kit Supply we provide MREs that are great for those who want to head out on a backpacking trip into the great outdoors but they are equally valuable for those that insist that they will be prepared in the face of pandemics and interruptions in the regular flow of society. 

The recent global health crisis is causing a tremendous amount of stress across the world's population. One of the best ways to mitigate that stress is to know that the right steps have been taken to prepare. We are committed to helping our customers in this goal here at Meal Kit Supply. Our high-quality MREs are an essential part of the process that one can take to ensure that they are prepared to the best of their ability for what may come in the near future.